Love Island's Callum Jones on whether he did bits with Shaughna Phillips in the villa

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  • Love Island's Callum Jones has finally spilled on whether him and Shaughna Phillips got frisky under the villa sheets.
  • It comes days after Shaughna insinuated they had secret sex while they were coupled up.

Callum Jones and Shaughna Phillips' relationship appeared to be pretty serious in the Love Island villa.

But after the democratic services officer hinted things got steamy in bed during their short-lived romance recently, Callum was quick to shed light on the rumours.

"We did not have sex in the villa, that is absolutely not the case, we didn't do anything," Callum, 23, told the MailOnline.

"Even if I did in there, everyone else would know about it. You can't escape it in there. But it absolutely did not happen."

However, things have clearly taken off with new flame Molly Smith. According to Callum, the pair are happier than ever since finding love in the Casa Amor villa.

"Molly and I are very strong. It's good between us, we have no arguments whatsoever. I am confident Molly and I can go the distance," he said.

"We see each other almost every day, there's only been two days where we haven't seen each other since we've been back. Everything has been good."

And when it comes to his bedroom antics with fellow Mancunian Molly, Callum says it was well worth the wait, adding: "I only had to wait two weeks until we were alone together. I obviously knew it was going to happen. It's just part of every relationship isn't it? But I mean yes, it was good."

Last week, Shaughna, 25, appeared to hint she had sex with the scaffolder during a Q+A session with her castmates for Heat magazine.

When quizzed on whether she went all the way in the villa, she admitted: “Are you all saying no? I am not saying nothing. None of you should walk into church or you’ll burst into flames!”

The moment left fans convinced the former couple got frisky, with one writing: "She hinted at it in the villa too. Everyone was asking who had done anything and she smirked and they asked if she had and she said she did.”

The Manchester lad sent shockwaves through the villa after he coupled up with Molly in Casa Amor - leaving Shaughna single.

However, it looks like Callum wasn't the only person Shaughna had beef with on the show. Surprisingly, the popular villa star also had a problem with Natalia Zoppa.

Apparently, the feud began during the Headline Challenge when the Shaughna and Luke M couple up was revealed.

According to Shaughna, Natalia said: "You know in the headline challenge when the headline came up about me coupling with Luke, apparently she made a quick comment like that's only happened because they both got mugged off."

Photo credit: ITV - ITV

The Londoner later added that ultimately Natalia was a game player.


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