Love Island's Ayo U-turns again as he reveals he 'still has feelings' for Mimii

Ayo Odukoya
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Love Island's Ayo Odukoya seems to be having second thoughts as he contemplates rekindling his romance with Mimii Ngulube in Wednesday's steamy episode.

The charming mental health nurse has captured the hearts of viewers, and many were left feeling gutted by the way he previously treated Mimii. Initially getting close to Uma Jammeh behind Mimii's back, Ayo appeared to be settling down with Mimii before his attention shifted to another bombshell at Casa Amor, leading him to pursue Jessica Spencer.

But in a dramatic twist, Wednesday's episode saw Ayo reconsidering his choices. Despite the apparent chemistry with Jess, Ayo pulled Mimii for a heartfelt conversation, confessing: "For me personally, I can't sit here and say to you, all of my feelings are lost... You haven't changed, you're still Mimii."

Mimii and Josh
Josh recoupled with Mimii in a dramatic episode -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Mimii, taking the revelation in stride, playfully encouraged him to 'keep going'. As Ayo discussed his struggle watching her connect with new partner Josh, he admitted: "I can't hide the way I feel about you so it's not easy for me to see you go around this Villa and see you chat to man, it will never be. What was that saying that you had?"

Mimii then responded, "What is meant for you will never pass you," as the two share a glance. In Tuesday's episode, sparks flew between Josh and Mimii.

Post an intimate chat in the Hideaway, Josh leaned in confidently sealing their conversation with a kiss. Josh then later decided to couple up with Mimii, as she's finally out of the single bed.

Love Island contestants
Things took a dramatic turn on Love Island

"I feel like you're a bubbly character, I just feel it takes the right person to get it out of you and I feel like that person is me to be honest. I think you compliment me, I think we go together," Josh confessed to an visibly happy Mimii.

Fans have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter to express their frustrations towards Ayo, claiming he only wants Mimii back after she's found happiness with someone else. One fan wrote: "Did ayo just say he wants both jess and mimii?? oh brother.. get him OUTT of my villa right now."

Another penned: "Imagine ayo still saying he’s wants both mimii and Jessica Excuse me !!," while a third wrote: "Ayo only apologising cus mimii’s coupled up with josh."