Love Islander slams fellow girl - 'she's been through all the boys'

Jess White
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Love Island’s Jess White has slammed Harriett Blackmore in the latest episode - as Harriett steals her man.

Jess was forced to watch on as Ronnie Vint, who she’s coupled up with, pulled Harriet for a chat following his shocking recoupling speech which saw him reveal he was interested in getting to know the both of them.

As Ronnie took Harriet away from the other girls, Jess confided in Patsy Field and Samantha Kenny. As she got upset Jess said: “She fancied Ciaran the other day, she fancied Sean the other day, and now she fancies him.

“All the others have seen through it.”

Jess White and Ronnie Vint
Jess kicked off when Ronnie took Harriett for a chat -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Ronnie and Harriett walked away from the group for a private chat. And Ronnie finally opened up to Harriet about his recoupling speech, he explained: “Everything I said was honest - it just came out wrong. I do think there is something there from when we’ve spoke. I do want to see what’s happening with that.”

Ronnie added: “Hopefully we get a little date or something, away from everyone.”

Harriett agreed: “I feel like from the beginning there has been, but we haven’t had a chance. I rate that you did that I do, that was a lot.”

Ronnie then questioned whether there was anything going on between Harriet and Sean Stone to which she said “he’s a good boy”.

Ronnie Vint and Harriet Blackmore
Ronnie has expressed his intention to pursue Harriett -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Viewers made sure to have their say on the situation with one commenting: “Nooo I’m weak at Jess ‘shes been through all the boys’”.

Another added: “can jess move on from ronnie cos my girl can do so much better…”

A third was puzzled as to why Jess was so upset about Ronnie chatting to Harriett and asked: “Did Jess marry Ronnie and forget to tell him and us???”

Harriett Blackmore
Harriett confessed she liked Ronnie from the beginning -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Reflecting on the current situation Jess took to the Beach Hut and spoke to the camera: “The guy has got an audacity - he’s not come and asked how I am.

"If he’s getting on better with Harriett and having good chats with Harriett then I wish them the best of luck.”

Jess continued to blast Ronnie when the boys came back calling him a “rat”.

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie on Love Island -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

In the final challenge of dares during the red-party, Ronnie was told to kiss the two girls he’s most attracted to.

Ronnie swaggered over to Jess who was thrilled that he picked her before he chose to also snog Harriett.

But Jess didn’t just get a kiss from Ronnie, Sean also made a play for her leaving everyone surprised. And during the episode Munveer Jabbal took Jess into the hideaway expressing he fancied her - but Jess didn’t seem too sure about pursuing him.