Love Island viewers slam 'bully' behaviour as they worry for Harriett Blackmore

Love Island
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Fans watching the latest instalments of Love Island are becoming worried for Islander Harriett Blackmore as she has faced arguments from her fellow contestants that some viewers are interpreting as bullying.

Harriett, the 24 year old from Brighton, is caught up in a love triangle with Ronnie Vint and Jess White, and this has put her in the spotlight amongst the other girls. Matters came to a head when Jess accused Harriett of enjoying the drama, saying: “You’re not batting it off, you’re enjoying the situation, you’re still entertaining it.”

Viewers believe that Jess is being "nasty" to Harriett when she should really be focusing her anger on Ronnie. “These girls are borderline bullies towards harriet and i don’t even like her like that… and jess is a nasty hypocrite,” wrote one Love Island fan, while another commented: “I don’t like Harriett but the way the girls talk to her and about her is getting nasty.”

Jess White
Jess has been accused of bullying behaviour by fans -Credit:ITV
Harriett Blackmore
Viewers are worried for Harriett -Credit:ITV

Others agreed, with one viewer writing: “Jess is constantly acting like harriett is the problem when Ronnie is in fact the problem.” Another noticed that the treatment of Harriett was coming close to bullying. “Me to Mimii & Harriet about these girls bc none of them are s*** - these girls are bullies.”

Fans have also been puzzled as to why Jess got so upset earlier in the week when Harriett talked to Ronnie. He pulled Harriett away from the group following his recoupling speech where he revealed he was interested in getting to know both of them.

“Everything I said was honest - it just came out wrong,” he told her. “I do think there is something there from when we’ve spoke. I do want to see what’s happening with that. Hopefully we get a little date or something, away from everyone.”

“Did Jess marry Ronnie and forget to tell him and us???” said one, while another suggested “can jess move on from ronnie cos my girl can do so much better…”

Over the last few days, fans have criticised Ronnie’s behaviour as he has strung along both Harriett and Jess. In Wednesday night's episode, viewers watched as Harriett and Jess urged Ronnie to make up his mind, while the footballer told both of his love interests what they wanted to hear.

However, a twist means that the girls were told they now get choose who to couple with on Thursday night in a message sent to the villa. The message reads: “Islanders, Tonight there will be a recoupling in which the Girls will choose which Boy they want to couple up with #nomoretriangles #chooseyourmatch." Harriett’s response to the challenge is simply: “You are joking!”