Love Island viewers are 'sick' of Sean Stone's 'sweet' habit and 'beg' him to stop

Sean Stone
-Credit: (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Love Island's Sean Stone might just have overplayed his sweet talk, as viewers are getting a bit fed up with his candy-themed chat-up lines.

The 24 year old confectionery salesman from Hertford hasn't quite hit the sweet spot with the ladies since he strutted into the villa earlier this month, failing to stir up a real romantic connection. During the episode on Thursday 20 June, Sean tried his luck with new bombshell Matilda Draper on a date.

But true to form, Sean couldn't resist slipping in a sugary simile, likening Matilda to a tasty treat.

In a bid to charm Matilda, Ronnie quizzed her about her top pick of sweets, before taking a punt that she'd be a fan of fizzy watermelons.

Sean Stone and Matilda Draper
Fans are supportive of Sean's potential new romance but not his sweet talk -Credit:ITV

It was the same in his first encounter with Tiffany Leighton. Sean told her: “You’re like a fizzy peach, do you know what I mean?”

Tiffany replied. “I think I’m a bit of a fizzy peach.” Sean responded: “Do you? I think you are, you’ve got a bit of a peach on you.”

Tiffany laughed, but viewers have been left squirming as Sean’s remarks. One fan pleaded: "Sean I beg you stop reference every woman to sweets."

Another chimed in: "Sean is not cut out for this show. Sweets cannot be the only thing you bring to the table/conversation."

A third voiced their annoyance: "Sean needs to stop with using sweets as his pickup lines."

Matilda Draper
Love Island fans are telling Sean to stop talking about sweets with the girls -Credit:ITV

Mirroring the sentiment, another added: "Please can they ban Sean from talking about sweets? I'm sick of it! ".

Meanwhile, a fifth viewer speculated there was an ulterior motive behind Sean's constant confectionery references, suggesting: "You know when you're on tv you can't say your business name due to advertising policies but you still want everyone to know you own a business? That's Sean every single minute of every single day. WHATS YOUR FAVOURITE SWEET LOVE."

Fans of the reality series also believe there’s a rivalry brewing between Sean and Ronnie Vint.

During the Wednesday 19 June episode, Ronnie was having a chat with one of the girls when Sean made fun of him to some of the other boys by mimicking his accent. With Ronnie having stolen every girl Sean’s been interested in, fans weren’t surprised by the tension.

One viewer joked: "Sean is president of the Ronnie Hater Club I love it." Another added: "Sean hates Ronnie and he is justified!"

A third chimed in: "Lol Sean really hates Ronnie. All these snide comments are jokes. He clocked him!". However, the tables may be turning as Sean received kiss from Tiffany in the latest challenge.