Love Island viewers had the same complaint about the Reunion

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

The long-anticipated Love Island 2021 Reunion finally hit screens last night, but there was one aspect of the show which viewers were particularly unhappy about.

While there were some fun moments during the episode (erm, hi Millie playing the piano), there were also a fair few awkward ones, from Chloe calling Faye "terrifying" to Liam and Millie's cringe-worthy reunion with Lillie. Plus, ex-Islander Shannon Singh even went as far as to call the Reunion a "waste of time", and it turns out she's not the only one who's not happy.

Love Island viewers took to Twitter to voice their complaints about the Reunion show, with fans pointing out that finalists Kaz and Tyler didn't get to go up to the sofa to be interviewed by host Laura Whitmore, with the pair instead remaining sat at their table.

One viewer wrote, "are they… not going to bring Kaz and Tyler up to the couch?" while some observed that the other six finalists had all been interviewed on the sofa, with one writing, "So all finalists Millie Liam, Toby, Chloe, Faye and Teddy are on the main sofa but not Kaz and Tyler?"

Plus, fans were quick to notice that Islanders who'd left the show before Kaz and Tyler, such as Hugo, were also interviewed up on stage, despite not having made it as far as the fourth-place couple. One viewer Tweeted, "What are the rules for those who get to sit on the stage? Kaz and Tyler did the interview from their table, but Hugo and his “exes” doing up sit down interview?

Others also complained about the general lack of airtime given to Kaz and Tyler during the Reunion, with one fan writing, "Millie’s piano is getting more air time than Kaz & Tyler".

Here's how the rest of Twitter reacted...

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