Love Island viewers aren't happy about this twist to last night's show

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island 2021 is officially underway and there are plenty of familiar sights in the villa, from the pool to the beanbags to the trusty old fire pit.

One thing, however, seems to be slightly different this year - and it hasn't gone unnoticed by viewers.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Towards the end of last night's episode, we were introduced to the first bombshell of the season: Chloe. But instead of sending a written text message (like in previous seasons of the show) Chloe sent a voice note to the guys in the villa.

While voice notes have become a pretty standard feature of our group chats in recent months, some Love Island viewers weren't too happy about seeing them on screen.

In case you need reminding of exactly what Chloe said in her voice note, here is is: "Chloe here. I've just arrived and I'm outside the front of the villa. I'd like to take you all on a date but I'll let you guys decide who wants to come and join me. Hopefully, I'll see you soon."

It wouldn't be Love Island without a plot twist, of course, but fans were quick to share their thoughts on the show's new voice note feature on Twitter, with one simply writing, "Voicenote?? Where’s the text??"

Some fans were also worried that the appearance of voice notes could change one of Love Island's iconic catchphrases... all together now: "I've got a text!"

Meanwhile, there were viewers who were happy about the new voice note feature, with some seeing it as an upgrade.

Well, what do you reckon? Will we be seeing more voice notes this season?

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