Love Island stars reveal truth behind Ronnie Vint's hair - 'He told the boys off-camera'

Love Islander star Ronnie
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Ex-Love Island sweethearts Patsy Field and Munveer Jabbal have finally dished the dirt on Ronnie Vint's headline-making barnet after much speculation from eagle-eyed fans over its authenticity.

Ronnie's hair has been causing quite the stir on social media, with Love Island buffs guessing whether he's rocking a wig or if he's had a little cosmetic help. One viewer questioned: "Does Ronnie have a wig on? His hair looks the wrong texture. At the very least sprayed black."

Now, following their departure from the villa, Patsy and Munveer shed light on the truth behind Ronnie's signature look.

While chatting on the Not My Bagg podcast with host Joe Baggs, Ronnie's slumbering antics sparked a conversation about his notorious tresses. "Have you seen Ronnie sleep?," Munveer quizzed, to which Patsy disclosed: "He literally sits upright."

This prompted the podcast host Joe to delve into Ronnie's haircare routine, hinting that perhaps Ronnie was too dedicated to preserving his perfect 'do overnight.

Initially coy about the topic, Munveer ultimately spilled the beans, admitting: "He was very open about it. He spoke to the boys and it's basically hair fibre. The full backs are gone. But he's using hair fibre," reports the Mirror.

Backing up this revelation, Patsy noted, "Yeah, he doesn't want anything to drop or fall."

Yet, it's not just the reality TV hunk's locks that have the audience chattering as his treatment of fellow Islander Harriett Blackmore also drew criticisms from fans, adding another layer of drama to his time in the spotlight.

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie Vint

After a fleeting romance with Harriett, Ronnie has swiftly moved his affections to the new girl on the block, Tiffany Leighton. In the episode aired on Monday (June 18), Ronnie made the decision to pair up with Tiffany, much to the dismay of viewers who quickly expressed their displeasure on social media.

One irritated fan posted: "Ronnie and Tiffany are actually unbearable to watch I need them off my screen I can't take anymore."

Another added their two cents: "I can't lie... Tiffany and Ronnie coupling up will be a blessing in disguise. My sis Harriett will be free from him and we can just easily vote them out."

Adding to the commentary, another viewer remarked: "I really can't tell if Tiffany is feeling Ronnie. Them smiles don't fool me at all. And Tiffany is a pretty girl but Lord I need someone to hold her hand and properly speak to her."