Love Island star reveals bosses have agreed to telephone 'hotline' to his mum

Ciaran Davies
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

The new Love Island series is just days away, and the line-up of singles entering the villa has already been revealed, with models, rugby players, and dancers among them. One singleton looking to find love this summer is Ciaran Davies, a 20-year-old surveyor.

Ciaran, who describes himself as a "wind-up merchant", is looking for that spark when he enters the villa in a few days, as he argues that it may be "easier" to find a girlfriend on Love Island than in real life.

Speaking to press, including OK!, the soon-to-be TV star shared how his family reacted to his decision to appear on the ITV2 dating show. He recalled: "So, I told my family just after, you know, it got confirmed that I was flying to Majorca.

Love Island series 11 contestants
Love Island is returning in just a few days -Credit:ITV

"I told my mum about it first just because she happened to be next to me. I called her and she's very, very excited, you know, she enjoys watching the show, and I think it's just nice for her to see her son on television It's a nice sight. She's very, very supportive, maybe sometimes a little bit too excited, constantly asking me questions."

He continued: "And then when my father, you know, at the start he sort of went Yeah, OK’, and that was it. And then a little bit later on, when it sunk in what the show is about, et cetera he was very supportive.

"We get away to talking and he came he comes up to me and he says, ‘Let’s get nice photo for your Instagram.’ We've never, ever once, you know, had a conversation about social media or anything like that so it was nice to know you supported me in that aspect of things as well."

Ciaran Davies
Ciaran has revealed that ITV bosses will be calling his mum everyday -Credit:Instagram/Ciaran Davies

Sharing how he's going to struggle with not being able to contact his parents, Ciaran said: "I think the most worrying thing for my mother is that she can't give me a phone call and ask how I'm doing.

"But the staff within the company they've made it very clear they’ll ring my family once a day to let them know how I'm doing. And so which is always nice to know that they've got someone there they can contact to make sure that I'm OK."

However, Ciaran's dad has a rather different concern. "The only thing my father was probably concerned about is that I'm not boring" he explained. "Funnily enough, as I got off, as they dropped me to the airport, my father gave me a hug and he went, ‘Just please don't be boring and have laugh’. This is the only thing, he said."