Love Island star Paige Thorne's unusual villa behaviour that has been distracting viewers explained

Having watched Love Island almost every day for the last eight weeks, we feel like we've got to know this year's Islanders quite intimately - especially those like Paige Thorne, who has been in the villa since day one.

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In fact, plenty of viewers have picked up a rather unusual habit that the Welsh contestant has, which her loved ones have finally addressed. Fans have noticed that the 24-year-old paramedic from Swansea tends to wobble her head when she's talking, whether that be to other contestants or to viewers at home in the Beach Hut.

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Taking to Twitter, one person said: "I can not unsee Paige's wobbly head. It's all I think of. I'm tired of watching Paige's head move so much.

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Another added: "Someone mentioned Paige wobbles her head when she talks & now I can't unsee it," and a third joked: "I get motion sickness watching Paige wobble her head."


Have you noticed this odd habit of Paige's?

The adorable habit has been noticed more and more since the show has gone on, leading the brunette beauty's loved ones to finally address it in a Q&A on her Instagram account.

As fans will know, while the islanders are in the villa, family and friends take over their social media accounts and those behind Paige's recently asked viewers what "burning questions" they have about her.


Paige's loved ones explained her cute habit on Instagram

"Has Paige always wobbled her head when she talks?" one asked, which prompted them to set the record straight.

They said: "Right, let's address this burning q [crying laughing emojis]. She only ever seems to do it when she's explaining something (she does this in normal life too)."

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"So in the beach hut, for example, they have to recall and explain situations that happened in the villa so she does it then…" they continued. "It's a way of expressing herself just like hand gestures etc!"

They ended the post: "Don't think it warrants the things being said about her - far worse habits to have."

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