Love Island star Nicole's appearance sparks concern and viewers demand bosses to step in

Love Island fans have been left concerned for Nicole Samuels.

The 24-year-old beauty, who remained loyal to her partner Ciaran Davies, strutted back into the main villa in a stunning black dress, ready for the emotional reunion.

Yet, eagle-eyed ITV2 viewers couldn't help but spot that Nicole seemed to be sporting a rather noticeable sunburn, particularly on her nose, sparking concern and a flurry of tweets. One concerned fan tweeted: "Nicole looks like she has sunburn on her nose."

Another chimed in with: "That sunburn on Nicole's nose is unfortunate", reports the Mirror. A third viewer questioned: "Catching up with Love Island Is Nicole's nose burnt to a crisp or is that a contouring catastrophe?"

Meanwhile, another quipped: "How could producers allow Nicole to walk out with Bridget Jones-level bronzer stripes all over her face? That's just mean! ""Please I'm begging the producers or the girls... someone please sort Nicole's make-up out. I mean what the actual F."another viewer pleaded.

And one simply asked: "Sorry, is that sunburn on the girl's noses or contour?" In the midst of the episode's tension, Nicole's joy was palpable as she discovered Ciaran had stayed true to her, leaving host Maya Jama visibly moved by their touching moment.

As Nicole teared up with happiness, Maya couldn't help but join in, wiping away her own tears as she exclaimed: ": "You've set me right off. "However, not all the islanders were popping champagne as Mimii Ngulube came back to find her beau Ayo Odukoya had moved on with Casa Amor's stunner Jessica.

In a heartfelt one-on-one, Ayo attempted to justify his choice to a visibly upset Mimii.She firmly told him she was over their romance, saying: "I went to Casa feeling sweet about our situation.

""I went in there having what we had in my mind, I wasn't swayed by anything because I knew that in here, I just wanted to come back to you. ". Now that Mimii has returned to the main villa, the question on everyone's lips is whether she and Ayo can mend their fractured love story.

Love Island airs nightly on ITV2 and ITVX at 9pm