Love Island star Munveer Jabbal's tattoos - meanings including angel numbers and significant dates

Love Island singleton Munveer Jabbal posing with hands up
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Love Island's fresh face, Munveer Jabbal, gives us the inside scoop on the personal meaning behind his tattoo collection. The 30 year old recruitment manager from Surbiton, Surrey has his eyes set on finding love this summer as he takes part in Love Island's latest series.

It looks like his tattoos might give him a leg up. Speaking to the press, Munveer dives into the stories behind his ink.

As he sheds light on his tattoos, the Love Islander shared, "I was born on Valentine's Day, it's a cherub, a baby angel," pointing to a particular one and added, "I've got my angel numbers, evil eye, I'm very spiritual."

Revealing another, Munveer said it symbolises health and medicine and shares more insight. He explained: "Then I've got c'est la vie here, which is 'that's life'. They [my tattoos] are a snippet of me."

Not falling short of controversies, Munveer set the record straight regarding rumours about his romantic encounters in fact, he defended having dated three women within the same day!

Munveer looking to side smiling
Munveer is hoping to find love in the villa -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

He proudly recalled the instance in a promotional video for the show, saying: "On a lads' holiday, I slept with three girls in one day. Good stamina, that's how I got my abs! " Before settling down in the villa, Munveer had a candid chat with The Mirror among other publications about his hopes, plans, and cheeky past.

Reflecting on his past wild antics, he confessed: "That was a long, long time ago, we're talking when I went to Kos, my first lads' holiday abroad, anything goes kind of behaviour and mentality, very much young, dumb, but no, that's not normal behaviour."

The second contestant announced is Munveer Jabbal
Munveer will be hoping to find love in in Majorca -Credit:ITV

"I have been in relationships throughout my 20s and I've definitely matured over time, that's not the standard Saturday night anymore. Nah, to be honest, I don't miss it, my life has changed. My work dynamic, my environment, personal life, you're asking an 18-year-old and a 30-year-old, I'm on different pages in my life."

He continued: "Of course, I like to party, but I'm booze free...with alcohol, you make bad decisions and mistakes and maybe tend to go on the wild side but now I'm at the tender age of 30, I think life is a little bit different for me."

The rising star already has links to fame, as he's best mates with Piers Morgan's son, Spencer.