Love Island star Jess White reveals her mum's iconic TV dating show stint

Jess White
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island star Jess White has opened up about her mum being on another iconic dating show - and that she encouraged Jess to apply.

Jess was confirmed as one of the first contestants to be looking for love on series 11 of Love Island, and has revealed that seeking out a relationship on TV runs in the family.

Jess explained to The Sun: "So my mum went on – when she was younger – she went on the knockoff version of Blind Date with someone called Bruce something. I can't remember his name.

"And there's video footage of it somewhere. My grandad tried to dig it out for us the other day. We can't find it anywhere. So that's a no go, but I'm basically doing the modern day version of what she did when she was like 18.”

Sam Taylor, Jess White, Sean Stone on Love Island
New islanders Sam Taylor, Jess White, Sean Stone arrive in the Love Island villa -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Speaking of her mum, Jess admitted she was “apprehensive” about the no contact rule in the villa. But after being in isolation prior to the show kicking off, Jess revealed she had been coping well without seeing her family.

She said: “I thought I’d be crying every night, and I’ve not. Me and my mum are best friends, she’s like an old version of me. But that’s what I’m most apprehensive for because everyone has that person. For me, if I’ve had a bad day, I ring my mum and she’s like ‘chill out’ and she won’t be there do to that. But hopefully there will be people in there who can.”

Jess and her mum are so close that she took Jess on a shopping spree so she could upgrade her lingerie for the show.

She told the Mirror: "My mum said I needed to get some sexy underwear as mine wasn't great, so we went shopping," she said. "It was wild - who does that with their mum? She was saying 'That's a showstopper, that's the one. That's a hideaway outfit'. Mum warned me not to do anything naughty in there! To drive the men wild but make them wait."

Maya Jama
Jess says her mum took part in a 'knockoff' version of Blind Date

With her family watching, Jess confessed she doesn’t plan on doing anything X-rated in the villa.

She joked: “Me and my mum would not be on speaking terms if I did. Also my Nan and Grandad would be watching and some things don’t need to be seen. My Nan said she’ll watch every single episode!

“For me, that is something I won’t be doing until I’m outside - it’s private.”