Love Island’s Will sneaked his beloved sheep into the villa in an adorable way

I'm sure by now if you're not watching Winter Love Island, you would've heard all about it. As the rest of the nation are, the collective Cosmo team are all for Will Young (aka 'Farmer Will') finding love in the villa. But if cupid's not on his side this time, we know his beloved sheep will be waiting at Heathrow Terminal 2's gate. In the meantime, he’s managed to sneak some to South Africa with him. Sort of.

OK, yes that was a sliiiight over-exaggeration but he has made a sweet tribute to his farm animal by getting them painted onto his fingertips! GAH, just when we thought we couldn't fall in love with him anymore?!

The show's nail artist, Ella Jarvis took to Instagram to share a look at Will's manicure. "The hilarious @farmer_will_ and his little pig and sheep 🐑 🐷 Full set of farm animals pending… 😆", she wrote to caption her post. Swipe along the below carousel to see the incredible attention to detail:

I'm sorry but is he not just the cutest?!

Keeping his nails very natural, Ella has glossed over each fingertip with a topcoat but as for the middle fingers, she's painted a miniature pig on one and a sheep on the other.

Fangirling over the farmer and his nails aside, Ella also shared a look at the other contestants' manicures. Watch the following vid to see the looks Shaq, Olivia, Tanyel and the rest of the group opted for:

I mean, if that doesn't give you inspo for your next nail appointment, IDK what will. You already know I'll be joining Will with the sheep look...

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