Love Island review: You can roll your eyes at Ekin-Su – but her fight with Davide was reality TV gold

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You can’t have a good Love Island series without fighting. To be clear, I’m not talking about the bust-ups that prompt Ofcom complaints, think pieces and statements from charities. No, I mean the silly ones. The ones where both parties are clearly in the wrong and everyone leaves looking like a fool. In these fights, there are no winners – apart from maybe the viewers.

That’s what the Davide and Ekin-Su argument is. While Ekin-Su rages at being accused of kissing new boy Jay (which, to be fair, she did do), our Italian stallion turns into a raging bull, becoming angrier and more Italian with every breath. His accent audibly thickens as he shouts that she is “the fakest person I have ever met” and he waves his hands around like a windmill.

The pair descend into a shouting match before finally retreating to their gender-segregated groups to sulk. The next day, they both insist that they’re glad it’s happened. You can roll your eyes, but it’s great TV.

Today’s challenge is basically the mechanic-themed stripping game from last week, but this time the girls are the ones doing the teasing. The boys struggle to conceal their, ahem, excitement, with Amber’s twerk skills prompting charming chants of “Dami’s got a semi”. Ekin-Su once again continues to be the villa’s biggest troll by kissing Davide on the cheek before picking Jay and then, for some reason, diving forehead first into the paddling pool.

But the game also heralds the arrival of yet another bombshell in the form of dancer Danica. She’s hot (duh) and flirty (obviously). Surprise, surprise; the girls don’t like her! I can only assume that Ekin-Su has short-term memory loss from hitting her head on the bottom of the pool, as she mocks Danica for brazenly flirting with the boys like she wasn’t doing THE EXACT SAME THING A WEEK AGO.

Danica is ruffling feathers in the ‘Love Island’ villa (ITV)
Danica is ruffling feathers in the ‘Love Island’ villa (ITV)

Danica’s plan is to get to know all the boys tonight. The girls bristle and nervously curl their hair while their guys arm wrestle, unfazed. She’s about to make her first move when a text is received. Uh oh. There’s going to be a surprise recoupling, with the girls picking and the remaining boy getting the chop. They gasp – Danica won’t have much time to get to know the boys before she has to choose.

In fact, she’ll have no time at all, as a second text is immediately sent saying the recoupling is happening now and Danica’s got first dibs. They gather at the firepit. Danica has no connections with the boys at this point, but she’s got no loyalties to the girls or sense of steady couples either. She says she’s going to go with who she’s most naturally attracted to – are Paige or Gemma about to be left in the lurch? As a wise soothsayer once said: “It’s all the drama, Mick. I just love it.”

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