Love Island review: Is Gemma already getting the ick for Davide?

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In the Love Island villa, the power never stays in one person’s hand for long. Tuesday night’s show was all about Davide – or at least that’s what he would have you believe. Apparently he’s used to having “the power to choose” and as the oldest boy in the villa, he fuels the never-ending age-gap discourse with every word. Two episodes in and this bunch of islanders have already found themselves embroiled in controversy. I’d be kind of impressed if it wasn’t so bleak.

Amber and Indiyah are going off their men already. For one thing, Indiyah calls Ikenna “Ikanu”, before saying that it’s fine because “it begins with an I”. Amber doesn’t feel like Dami is putting in enough of a graft with her. Frankly, none of the boys are, Indiyah says. It’s only day two and she’s had enough… although by the end of the episode her eyes have swayed more towards Dami.

Then there’s Gemma and Davide. We endure a flirty conversation about age differences, during which – surprise, surprise – Gemma says she tends to date older guys, while Davide prefers younger women. Given the public conversation happening outside the villa, this feels extremely on the nose. Davide thinks he has all the cards, but I wouldn’t be so sure. Gemma has made it clear she hates cocky guys. When she lists her type and Davide says that she’s basically describing him, she replies: “You physically, yeah.” Good looks can only get you so far, and Davide’s (over)confidence might be his downfall.

The first challenge of the series has an airport security theme. Secrets are revealed among some kisses and a light frisk. There are interesting revelations. Liam once turned down a threesome because he didn’t want to pay for the hotel, while Luca once spent £1,000 on a first date. Who knew fishmongers were such ballers?

At the grimmer end of the scale, we have Andrew spanking Tasha with the scanner only for her to give his kiss a devastating review of “too much tongue”. For the second night in a row, bisexuality is treated as if it’s the maddest thing the boys have ever heard, after it emerges that Paige has kissed 10 women. “Send me the pictures,” Luca later jokes to the boys. Happy Pride month, y’all…

Will Davide’s cockiness give Gemma the infamous ick? (ITV)
Will Davide’s cockiness give Gemma the infamous ick? (ITV)

Returning to the villa and getting ready for the night ahead, Paige makes an early bid for best quote of the season, as she asks: “Isn’t it funny that we’re putting this much effort to go and sit in the garden?“ Yes, babes, that’s the show. The boys, meanwhile, are stressed. Andrew kisses Tasha to “mark his territory” (her words) then Davide gets his text. Unsurprisingly, he goes for Gemma. The nation groans.

Looking like a wounded puppy, Liam learns that there will be a recoupling at the end of the week, where one islander will be dumped. Little do they know that two female bombshells – Afia and Ekin-Su – are on their way into the villa, meaning a girl will be the first to go. Who has the power now? Let the games begin.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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