This Love Island moment just broke the Ofcom record for most complaints

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Ofcom received over 4,000 complaints about a specific Love Island episode, which involved the post card arriving at Casa Amor.

According to Metro, the drama caused for Faye Winter and Teddy Soares over his kiss with Clarisse Juliette caused a record number of complaints, with viewers calling the moment 'misleading'.

In case you need a reminder, Teddy was sent to Casa Amor with the other five boys, where they were joined by six new girls. Faye stayed in the original villa, where she was joined by six new boys.

Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Both Teddy and Faye slept on the day bed for the first two nights, until the infamous post card arrived at the main villa. A photo of Teddy kissing Clarisse was on it, though as we later discovered, it was during a game of Truth Or Dare.

As a result of the post card, Faye coupled up with Sam Jackson, leaving Teddy to walk back to the villa single.

Ofcom has confirmed it received 4,330 complaints for the episode on July 28, with the majority of those complaining saying the postcard ‘was misleading and caused unnecessary distress.'

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

The episode on July 30 received 699 complaints, 682 of which were about the alleged 'manipulaton' of Teddy and Faye's relationship, following the fall out from the post card.

This isn't the first time Love Island viewers have complained to Ofcom this season. More than 1,500 complaints were registered in the days since bombshell Danny Bibby entered the villa, more than double the number of complaints from the previous week.

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