Love Island’s Millie Court defends herself against ‘abusive messages’ over ruined holiday plans

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‘Love Island’ star Millie Court (ITV)
‘Love Island’ star Millie Court (ITV)

Last year’s Love Island winner, Millie Court, has hit back at trolls who sent her “abusive messages” after she expressed disappointment that Covid had ruined her New Year’s Eve holiday plans.

The 24-year-old reality star and her boyfriend, Liam Reardon, are in Dubai and were due to fly out to the Maldives after New Year’s Day for the “holiday of a lifetime”.

But on New Year’s Eve, she revealed that 22-year-old Reardon had tested positive for Covid and they had to spend their New Year celebrations in isolation.

After she was flooded by messages criticising the couple of going on holiday during a pandemic, Court posted an Instagram Story defending herself and Reardon.

“I don’t normally post things like this but just feel the need to right now,” she wrote. “I’m sorry I didn’t realise I wasn’t allowed to write why I’ve been quiet on social media and that were [sic] upset as to what had happened on our holiday?

“I’m sure if the same thing had happened to you, you would be gutted too? Please don’t message me abusive messages, and if you are not happy with my page or my content, then don’t follow me. Simple as that.”

Court, who works as a buyer’s administrator for Asos, added that she is “trying not to let negative people affect me” and that the couple are “trying to make the best out of a s***ty situation”.

She also explained that her job as a social media influencer on Instagram requires her to be “very transparent” and she was “simply telling you all the experience we’ve had the past two days”.

“I’m sure we’re spending NYE isolating like a lot of other people in the world, which is sad that we’re all having to experience that and aren’t spending it with someone or other loved ones,” she continued.

“Granted, there are people who are in a lot worse situations than us right now, we know that but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to be upset and also explain why we won’t be uploading content – seeing as that is our job.”

Court added that she was “very lucky and grateful” to be spending New Year’s Eve with Reardon, and hoped that “some people will enter 2022 nicer, less negative people”.

In her previous update, she told fans: “Hey guys, sorry I’ve been a bit quiet with posting our holiday fun… but we received some bad news and Liam’s PCR has come back ‘presumptive positive’.

“This means we have to isolate now for three days in hope that it may be negative then. If it is we’re free to leave but if it’s positive then we have to finish the 10-day quarantine.”

Court said the “worst part” of having to isolate was that the couple were due to fly out to the Maldives in two days’ time.

“Liam bought and surprised me with this holiday of a lifetime for my birthday and it’s all gone wrong,” she said. “We’ll be celebrating inside our room and watching the firework display from our balcony.”

She also posted a series of photographs of an outfit she had planned to wear to go on a desert tour before Reardon tested positive for the virus.

In the pictures, Court wore a white long-sleeved mini dress with a laced-up back and a headscarf. She wrote: “Before we got the bad news. This outfit would’ve looked better on the sand dunes… F U Covid.”

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