Love Island in huge ITV schedule shake up – just one day after series return

It’s that time of the year again – Love Island is back to heat up viewers’ summer, and their TV screens.

On Monday night, 4 June, fans tuned in to the first episode of the 11th series, on ITV1 in which we saw the biggest twist yet, as the Islanders tempted fate, unknowingly deciding who would couple up with who on the first night.

If that wasn’t a big enough twist, the Islanders, and viewers were left open mouthed when TOWIE legend, Joey Essex, walked into the famous villa, as the first ever celebrity bombshell, who hasn’t previously been on the show.

However, Tuesday night will see a shakeup in schedule for fans sitting down to watch their favourite show. Last night, viewers tuned into ITV1 for the bombshell episode, but for the second, they’ll have to reach for the remote and switch to ITV2.

The second episode has been knocked off the prime channel by Sunak v Starmer: The ITV Debate, which will be on at 9pm.

Love Island viewers will have to tune into ITV2 for the rest of the week too, if they want to get their daily Love Island fix.

Joey talking to girls in the villa
Joey has time to get to know the girls before making a big decision -Credit:Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock

After Joey’s bombshell entrance, it looks like things will continue to heat up, as the TOWIE legend has a big decision to make.

On his first day in the villa, the reality star hops from bean bag to bean bag, getting to know all the girls, and by night, he receives ‘the dreaded text’.

“Joey, it’s now time to make your decision,” it reads, meaning he must choose which girl he’d like to couple up, and share a bed with.

As news breaks that one Islander has been dumped imminently from the show, it could be a result of Joey’s decision.

A source told The Sun : "The islanders were all in shock when it happened. They thought Joey coming in was the only twist.

"Nobody was expecting a dumping to happen so soon. The dumped star was gutted they hardly got to spend any time in the villa and feels like they've been cheated of the whole experience.”

Joey standing next to Maya Jama
Joey's bombshell entrance had fans and Islanders in shock -Credit:Photo by ITV/REX/Shutterstock

As always, fans have taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to discuss the shock news. “Producers are NOT playing around this season,” tweeted one shocked viewer.

Another predicted: “It will be whoever joey has picked, partner. I think he will pick Mimii she's so beautiful.”

“No way omg!” a third shocked fan exclaimed.