Love Island fans think Luke T and Siannise definitely did bits

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Paige Turley and Finn Tapley, who are now officially boyfriend and girlfriend, aside, the Love Island villa is quite low on middling-to-serious couples. Yes we've got Molly Smith and Callum Jones, and yes Mike Boateng described Priscilla Anyabu as "wifey material", but in terms of couples who have passed the challenges they've faced in the villa, it's actually not that many.

Which might be why the Islanders (and viewers, obviously) were so chuffed when a text arrived sending one lucky couple to The Hideaway - and Luke T and Siannise Fudge were chosen.

Photo credit: ITV

The pair, who went on their first date when Luke arrived as a bombshell and have since stuck together through Rebecca Gormley's arrival and Casa Amor, are cementing their place in fellow Islanders and Love Island fans' hearts.

During last night's episode [9 February], the couple spent their first night alone in The Hideaway. Siannise wore a sexy lingerie set and gave Luke a dance, while the 22-year-old semi-pro footballer and student could barely contain himself.

Photo credit: ITV

The next morning during a debrief with their respective groups, Siannise told the girls about her dancing antics, while Luke revealed, "She took off all her gear, it was under the covers but still."

Islanders have taken this to mean they almost definitely did bits, with one commenting, "Luke T definitely done bits with Siannise last night." Another added, "Have Siannise and Luke T joined the legendary DBS? #loveisland", and a third said, "Siannise and Luke T gonna have the best sex that hideaway will ever see #Love."

Whatever happened in The Hideaway, we are so. on. board. with Luke T asking Siannise whether he could touch her during the dance, because that is such a simple example of what consent should look like. YES.

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