Love Island fans think Kaz and Brad have a secret thing going on

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Photo credit: Joel Anderson/ITV
Photo credit: Joel Anderson/ITV

Love Island fans were sent into an absolute spin last night after the show's official Twitter account shared a snap of Kaz and Brad along with the caption: "Just leaving this here..."

In the pic, Kaz and Brad can be seen having a private chat on the villa's balcony, but the scene wasn't aired on last night's episode. Naturally, viewers started questioning what the photo could mean, with some fans even suggesting the pair have a secret thing going on.

"WE NEED CONTEXT" tweeted one viewer, "what are we supposed to do with this" said another.

Other viewers were pretty annoyed the scene wasn't aired on the episode, which instead focussed on bombshell Chloe Burrows as she got to know the lads in the villa ahead of the recoupling. One fan tweeted "how dare you guys show us a small clip of this and not show us any of the conversation", another said "so why didn’t we see it this episode? This was the one thing I wanted to actually put my attention on!!"

Some excited viewers even nicknamed the potential couple. "I think Brad and Kaz would make a lovely couple," tweeted one fan, "Brad's a gentleman and Kaz has a great personality #Loveisland I'll call them #Braz".

Here's a few more of our fave reactions to the photo.

It seems we'll have to wait until tonight's episode (June 30) to find out if there really is a budding romance between Braz. But, depending on who Chloe picks to couple up with, things between the pair could be over before they've even begun.

Roll on 9pm!

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