Love Island fans spot Samantha ‘playing up for the camera’ after key detail during Joey Essex chat

Samantha and Joey Love Island smiling and looking at each other
-Credit: (Image: ITV/REX/Shutterstock)

Joey Essex made his shock entrance into the Love Island villa on Monday night, and didn’t waste any time getting to know the girls. By Tuesday, he’d decided to couple up with Samantha, which unfortunately meant Sam Taylor was sent home packing.

On Wednesday night’s episode, viewers eagerly watched to see the relationship between the two blossom, but a ‘strange’ remark from makeup artist Samantha had ITV viewers convinced she was ‘playing a game’.

As the TOWIE legend pulled the 26-year-old for a chat, she asked him to swap sides with her so her “good side” was on display. The comment didn’t go down well with viewers, who concluded to the fact the star was ‘playing up to the cameras.’

“Sitting to show their good side? To the camera? They’re too aware of the cameras,” one viewer wrote on X, formerly known as Twitter.

“How aware of the cameras do you have to be to make sure you’re sat on your good side?” questioned another.

Joey and Samantha on sofa
Love Island fans are convinced Samantha is 'playing up to the cameras' -Credit:ITV/Love Island

Joey has been in the centre of the drama since he entered the Majorca villa, as Harriet Blackmore had also taken a like to the reality TV star.

Although Harriet asked Samantha if she'd mind if she pulled Joey for a chat to give Ciaran a taste of ‘his medicine’, things didn’t go down too well when she took him to the hideaway.

The pair got flirty inside, as Harriet showcased her dance moves, and fans are already calling for movie night.

“Already know that the clip of Harriet getting Joey to spank her will make an appearance on movie night,” wrote one.

Another said: “Harriet is bringing the drama the show needs. Let her lotion Joey."

Samantha looking at Joey
Joey chose to recouple with Samantha, sending Sam Taylor packing -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

However, despite Harriet’s best efforts, it looks like it wasn’t enough to win over Joey, as he admitted Samantha was ‘the only one he had eyes for.’

He told the cameras in the Beach Hut that Samantha was the only one he looks at and thinks “that’s a bit of me,” even hinting towards a future with the Islander.

It comes after the makeup artist ‘slammed’ Joey’s kissing technique saying it was ‘all teeth’.

Harriet and Joey
Harriet and Joey in the hideaway -Credit:ITV screengrab

However, Joey’s head could be turned as new bombshell Uma made her grand entrance on Wednesday night. Although she chose Ayo to take to the hideaway, she whispered in Joey’s ear, saying she’d ‘see him later,’ causing a stir on X.

“Joey genuinely being so scared & confused saying who is that is after Uma said I’ll be seeing you later is one of the funniest things I have seen,” laughed one.

Another said: “Uma is wild the way she seduced Joey and Ayo.”