Love Island fans spot new phrase used by 2024 cast - 'Why's everyone suddenly saying that?'

Whether it's 'grafting' and being 'mugged off' or getting 'the ick' and putting your 'eggs in one basket', Love Island has produced iconic dating slang over the last nine years - and now fans think they've picked up on the new big phrase to come from this series.

Tuesday night's episode proved to be a dramatic one, with the love triangle between Ayo Odukoya and girls Mimii Nglube and Uma Jammeh heating up - especially when Ayo took Mimii to the terrace. Aware that Uma would be watching them, Mimii began looking around to see whether the couple would be spotted by her.

That's when Ayo dropped a phrase that Love Island fans reckon will be the latest quotable phrase to come from the villa. Picking up on Mimii's paranoia as she kept looking behind her, Ayo said: "What are you checking your mirrors for?"

Ayo and Mimii cuddle up on the terrace
Ayo and Mimii cuddle up on the terrace -Credit:ITV

Fans thought that Ayo's use of the driving phrase in the situation was hilarious, with one writing on X - formerly known as Twitter: "'Why are you checking your mirrors for?' Ayo is unintentionally funny #Love Island." Another tweeted: "Not Ayo saying 'Why u checking ur mirrors for' IT'S GIVING #loveisland."

"Ayo has lyrics for days he's so east London, checking mirrors????? #loveisland," another viewer wrote. Meanwhile, someone else tweeted: "Girl why you checking your mirrors for," alongside laughing face emojis and a GIF of Leonardo DiCaprio clapping.

Another viewer picked up on the slang, asking: "Why's everyone suddenly saying 'checking your mirrors' #LoveIsland."

Love Island fans were left on a major cliff-hanger during Monday night's episode, as Omar Nyame and Mimii were given the choice to couple up with each other or pick another islander to couple up with. While many thought that they would choose one another, Mimii decided to pick Ayo, taking him away from bombshell Uma.

Uma was not happy when Ayo pulled Mimii for a chat
Uma was not happy when Ayo pulled Mimii for a chat -Credit:ITV

ITV teased the drama to come earlier on Tuesday, teasing that one islander would storm off from the firepit after the decision was made. Although Mimii has been exploring a connection with P.E. teacher and latest bombshell Omar, she has still held a flame for Ayo.

However, some fans aren't convinced that the feelings are reciprocated from Ayo's end and are even hoping she doesn't recouple with him. A few viewers noticed that Ayo referred to Mimii as 'the girl' and branded the islander as rude.

Love Island airs weeknights at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.