Love Island fans are divided over Liam's Casa Amor behaviour

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Casa Amor has officially arrived on Love Island, and while the new Islanders are still getting acquainted, viewers are very divided about Islander Liam Reardon.

As the boys headed into the dreaded Casa Amor, we saw the girls pack their suitcases for them, with some hiding gifts for their partners inside.

While Liberty and Kaz left underwear for their respective boys, Liam's partner Millie Court chose to leave him her 'Sagittarius' necklace. Initially, fans couldn't get over Liam's adorable reaction.

Seeming just a teeny bit excited to find the necklace, we saw Liam grinning and holding the chain up to his neck and viewers, of course, spotted how cute the moment was.

Taking to Twitter to share their thoughts, one fan wrote, "Liam getting excited about Millie's necklace is the most adorable thing ever [sic]", while another added, "Please Liam almost melting at Millie's necklace is what I want in life [sic]".

With everyone gushing over the sweet moment, some fans have also taken Liam's reaction to the necklace to be an early sign that he'll stick with Millie following Casa Amor, with one viewer writing, "Liam is so smitten omg I have faith for Milliam" and another adding, "Liam is so in love". 

Here's what the rest of Twitter had to say:

However, while Love Island fans were initially overjoyed with Liam's reaction to Millie's necklace, things quickly took a turn once viewers saw Liam sharing a three-way kiss with new Islanders Clarisse and Salma during a game of Truth Or Dare. And, yep, safe the say the #Milliam fans weren't happy.

Plus, some fans are already sharing their theories about what will happen next, and they reckon producers will send a picture of Liam kissing Clarisse and Salma back to Millie in the main villa. And, unsurprisingly, they're not too happy about the prospect.

Of course, we don't know for sure yet what will happen, but it's safe to say we're preparing ourselves for drama. 

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