Love Island fans are all saying the same thing about Andrew and Tasha

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Love Island 2022 has already got fans gripped, and we're very much invested in who's grafting who, who's being mugged off, and who's heading straight for drama.

This year's series sees a whole new bunch of single contestants entering the villa looking for love, and viewers have already had a whole lot to say about the new cast - from who they're predicting to win, to the Paige moment everyone is unhappy about, and everyone's collective reactions to Gemma Owen.

So far, we've got five couples getting to know each other on the day beds - Paige and Luca, Indiyah and Ikenna, Tasha and Andrew, Amber and Dami, and new couple Gemma and Davide, with Liam left single. Still, viewers have been honing in on one couple in particular - that's Andrew and Tasha - and fans are all saying the same thing about the pair.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Andrew and Tasha appear to have been getting on well so far, with things taking a turn when Andrew lied to Tasha about her being in Luca's top three. Ouch.

Now, Love Island viewers have been busy making the same observation about the duo, comparing them to 2019 couple Curtis Pritchard and Amy Hart. And, we'll be honest, the Curtis/Andrew resemblance is uncanny.

One viewer tweeted side-by-side pictures of Andrew and Curtis, writing, "Can anyone else see this? Same but different." Meanwhile, 2019 winner Amber Gill even agreed, tweeting, "Andrew is giving Curtis Pritchard." So, that's pretty definitive then.

Others compared Tasha and Andrew's pairing to Curtis and Amy's fated romance, after the couple's relationship broke down ceremoniously on screen (remember coffeegate?).

One viewer wrote "Andrew and Tasha are giving me Curtis and Amy vibes," while a fourth agreed, "Tasha and Andrew are headed straight for Amy and Curtis territory, I’m calling it now." Another then posted a snap of Tasha and Andrew alongside a pic of a heartbroken Amy with Curtis, predicting, "It’s gonna happen again 💔."

In the words of Taylor Swift/TikTok, I think I've seen this film before aanndd none of us liked the ending.

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