Love Island fans are saying the same thing about Danica

Fans of Love Island will *always* find something to joke about, and Twitter has and always will be the HQ of the humour. From the Adam Collard-Becky Hill gag to the Andrew-Tasha "I licked her tit, or whatever" scenario, it's safe to say that this season has already had its fair share of banter. But viewers are now making a new joke about one Islander in particular - 21-year-old dancer, Danica Taylor, saying that she's got a habit of "interviewing" the boys in the villa.

And as last night's episode aired and literally the whole of the UK tuned in, the Love Island Twitter community were quick to pick up on this hilarious detail. Taking to the social media platform, one viewer said: "Danica with the job interview as always #LoveIsland," as another joked: "Danica taking the new lads for a chat #LoveIsland."

Other accounts swiftly joined in, as one fan typed: "Danica when the new guys come in. Congratulations u got the job #LoveIsland," as someone else said: "Danica please stop interviewing potential connections like you are in a corporate setting #LoveIsland."

But tbh, we love to see it. At least the girl knows what she wants and won't settle for anything that's not on her clipboard. Further Love Island fans also joined in on the fun - we've dropped some of our favourite memes below...

Maybe there's a future career change in management for Danica when she leaves the villa? Who knows, if she wins, she could use the £50k to set up her own firm.

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