Love Island fans all have the same theory about what will happen now Casa Amor is over

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

It's been another dramatic week in the Love Island villa, with the post-Casa Amor recoupling causing a *lot* of tension.

Following the fallout, Love Island fans have a theory about what will happen now Casa Amor is over - and everyone is basically saying the same thing.

So far, since the boys and the Casa Amor Islanders returned to the main villa, we've seen pre-Casa Amor couple Faye and Teddy get back together and, if Monday night's episode [2nd August] is anything to go by, it looks like they aren't the only Islanders wanting to return to their original partner.

The trend hasn't gone unnoticed by Love Island viewers, who are predicting that we'll now see all of the pre-Casa Amor couples getting back together, with all of the new Casa Amor Islanders being dumped.

Monday night's episode showed Liam trying to win back Millie, while Toby shockingly revealed that he still wants to pursue things with Chloe, with Tyler also going back to chat to Kaz. And Love Island fans reckon it's a sign of things to come, with one viewer tweeting, "I feel like all the casa amor people are just going to get dumped at the next recoupling and all the original couples will be back together [sic]".

Meanwhile, one fan added, "So basically in a couple days it’ll be back to the original pairs before casa?" with another writing, "Basically casa amor was a complete waste of time, they all just want to get back with each other".

Plus, fans are predicting that it'll be the newest Islanders being dumped next, with one viewer writing, "at this rate, all the new guys and girls are gonna be leaving," and another adding, "Every person from casa amor is getting dropped".

And it looks like the rest of Twitter agrees, with fans sharing their predictions for what's about to happen:

We'll be settling in for the next recoupling...

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