Love Island fans all make the same joke about Luca during Meet The Parents

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

After 55 drama-filled episodes and eight weeks of watching people ask: 'can I pull you for a chat?', 2022's Love Island series eight all comes to an end tomorrow *gently wipes tears*. However, before the winning couple is crowned, as we've seen in previous seasons, the contestants get to meet each other's parents in tonight's episode. At long last!

Now, if you've not yet tuned in, allow me to provide you with some context behind the following. In the pre-show clip aka not even minutes into the episode, Luca Bish appears to be crying. As a result of this, fans all took to Twitter to share their thoughts. Clearly, we're all like-minded as everyone seems to be making the same (if not very similar) joke[s]. It really is a funny one, folks.

By now, we should all know that Luca is coupled up with Gemma Owen who is *believe it or not* the daughter of former professional footballer and legend, Michael Owen. So, with the Meet The Parents episode upon us, we were all eagerly waiting to see if Michael would make an appearance.

Unfortunately, not wanting to steal Gem's limelight, he opted not to travel to Majorca and instead, her mum, Louise Bonsall and a friend took to the villa.

So, like all series long, fans made a meme out of this, insinuating that Luca was crying because he would not be meeting Gemma's dad. Take a look at some of our favourite tweets, below:

As the episode continued, the jokes kept on coming, with fans adding to the memes:

TBH, we'd be disappointed, too, had we thought we'd get to meet Michael Owen and then, well, not... Lol.

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