Love Island fans refuse to believe real ages of new stars and 'demand proof'

Ronnie Vint
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island's latest heartthrob Ronnie Vint has certainly got tongues wagging among the fans after his grand entrance into the sun-kissed Spanish villa on the hit ITV2 show.

As he strutted onto our screens this Monday, viewers were left scratching their heads, wondering if there was a typo in his age declaration.

Ronnie confidently announced that he's 27 years young, but the audience at home wasn't buying it. Social media lit up with speculation, with some cheeky fans suggesting that the Love Island producers might want to double-check his documents just to be sure.

One viewer quipped: "Has anyone checked his birth certificate?". While another puzzled viewer added: "He's at least 35."

Ronnie Vint
Ronnie made his Love Island debut on Monday 3 June -Credit:ITV

The disbelief continued as another fan declared: "Can't convince me he's only 27," and yet another joked that Ronnie could easily blend in with their late-thirties crew.

Despite the online buzz about his mature looks, Ronnie had already brushed off similar remarks before stepping foot in the villa.

In an interview with The Sun prior to the show's launch, he remained unfazed by the age debate, saying: "Whatever really... I always say I always look a bit older. I've always been told I look older, do I look old?"

His laid-back response shows he's not letting the chatter dampen his quest for romance.

"And I've had some mad shouts before. I might have to get rid of this long line on my forehead and hopefully I'll look a bit younger. I'm just really excited to find my future wifey and to just enjoy the experience. I'm 27 now, I've matured for my age and I know what I want now and hopefully try and find The One now."

Ronnie Vint and Jess White
Ronnie and Jess were coupled up after the very first challenge -Credit:ITV

It wasn't just Ronnie fans were surprised by - they were taken aback by Ciaran Davies' age too. Ciaran revealed on the show that he's only 21 making him one of the youngest contestants of the series.

And just like in Ronnie's case, fans are convinved Ciaran's older. One took to social media and said: "I'm 21 and there ain't no way that man is 21."

Another wrote: "These folks are not in their 20s be serious." A third wrote on X: "What are they feeding 21-year-olds nowadays?"

Someone else added: "Half this group needs to show me their birth certificate because the ages cannot be accurate." And another said: "HR needs to actually check their birth certificate... age is not matching their face."

Ciaran Davies
Fans don't believe Ciaran is 21 years old -Credit:ciarandaviesss/Instagram

A teaser of drama in the villa was shown before the launch episode, with Maya Jama having an announcement to make. The episode preview showed how pairs would be chosen this time around; not by public vote or by the Islanders themselves.

Instead, relationships were determined by the participants as they unknowingly picked their partners based on who they felt were boyfriend or girlfriend material.

The selection method let the girls form pairs with the boy who shared their place on the most-to-least ranking.

Ronnie Vint and Jess White
Ronnie and Jess got to know each other in the first episode -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Ronnie found himself matched with 25-year-old Jess White after being put in third place during the challenge. Mimii Ngulube and Munveer Jabbal were both voted most likely to be boyfriend or girlfriend material. Whilst Harriet Blackmore and Ciaran found themselves coming in last place.