Love Island fans work out 'real reason' Uma quit villa after Wil was dumped in explosive recoupling

Tuesday night’s Love Island episode couldn’t have been more dramatic, as fan favourite Uma Jammeh shockingly walked out of the Love Island villa.

On Tuesday night’s episode, viewers saw a shock re-coupling for bombshells Josh and Reuben. Josh chose to couple up with Mimii Ngulube, who was already single.

In shocking scenes, new bombshell Reuben then chose to couple up with Uma, leaving Wil single. However, instead of being allowed to remain single in the villa, Wil was shockingly dumped from the Island, leaving all Islanders open mouthed, and Uma in tears.

With no hesitation, Uma decided to pack her bags and walk out with Wil, despite the girls trying to persuade her to stay.

Uma and Wil
Uma walked out with Wil in shocking scenes -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Many fans were disappointed with Uma’s decision, especially after Wil ‘exploring’ and kissing Lucy Graybill in Casa Amor, and some explosive movie night revelations.

However, on Monday night’s episode, viewers saw the pair ‘kiss and make up,’ and fans now think they know why Uma quit the villa with Wil.

In the conversation, Wil said: "There's always a chance for things to change, it could have been the same for you in Casa.

"My feelings then were a lot different to my feelings now. In my eyes it was early days for us."

Uma and Wil had recently been through a rough patch -Credit:ITV/REX/Shutterstock

Uma then responded: "I was under the impression that we were saying the same thing but the way I was saying I was open, was really different to the way you were saying it,” before explaining how excited she was to come back and see him and how hurt she was by his actions.

It was then that Wil told Uma he’d now walk out the villa if she were to leave. "That was never my intention, I never wanted that to happen, I would have never have moved the way I did if we had have been closed off because I would have been loyal to you.

"Now I know what I want fully, I want to be walking out of here with you and I'll do what it takes. I would leave now if you were to leave, I wouldn't be hanging around. I've found what I want in you.”

Little did either know that 24 hours later, Wil would be dumped from the villa, and Uma would be the one walking out with him. "So this is why Uma leaves…” said one viewer on X, formerly known as Twitter.

Uma emotionally decided to leave the villa after Wil's dumping
Uma left the villa after breaking down when Wil was dumped -Credit:ITV

Fans weren’t impressed with Uma forgiving Wil for his Casa antics, and were even less impressed with her choosing to leave with him on Tuesday night’s episode.

“All that for them to end up splitting in a few days,” predicted one. Another said: “i’m embarrassed for Uma. choosing to leave for WILL??!? girl stand the f**k UP.”

“I’m so sad for Uma, once her emotions cool down she will quickly realise that Will would NEVER have left the villa for her…,” said another disappointed fan.