Love Island fans are obsessed with Priya's last minute chat with Faye

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Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

Love Island fans are absolutely obsessed with Priya Gopaldas's last minute chat with Faye Winter, where she informed the Islander she hadn't voted for Faye and Teddy Soares as the least compatible

Ahead of the Love Island final next week (it's on August 23rd, people!) the contestants were asked to vote for the two least compatible couples in the villa. As a result, Priya and Brett Staniland were dumped from the show.

Before making her exit, Priya pulled Faye aside on the sundeck to inform her that one of Faye and Teddy's three votes didn't come fro her and Brett. "I just wanted to say that it's been lovely meeting you and Teddy," Priya said.

Photo credit: ITV2
Photo credit: ITV2

She added, "You two are a great couple and I just wanted you to know that with the voting, we didn't vote for you. Because I genuinely believe that you and Teddy are super solid. I just wanted to let you know that."

Fans are LIVING for the drama the moment is going to cause, with viewers predicting Faye is about to blow up at the other contestants. 

"Priya was snitched on by the group to Brett, so she decided to snitch back to Faye," one person wrote, while another put, "Priya knew what she was doing telling Faye she didn’t vote for her before leaving the villa. MESSY! She wanted to guarantee world war III for everyone."


Not going to lie, we live for this.

Love Island continues on ITV2 and ITVHub at 9pm.

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