Love Island fans are obsessed with Faye and Teddy's 'true love story'

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Love Island fans are obsessed with Faye Winter and Teddy Soares' love story so far.

It's been a week in the villa, so let's get up to speed. The boys headed to Casa Amor for a 'lads holiday' of sorts as they were joined by six new girls who rocked the boat. Last Wednesday's episode saw the girls receive a postcard from Casa that showed each of the boys cosying up with a beautiful new bombshell.

All hell broke loose when Teddy could be seen kissing brunette beauty Clarisse Juliette (who has since entered the villa coupled up with Tyler), which unbeknownst to Faye wast part of a game. Teddy slept outside with the mosquitoes for his entire time at Casa Amor, but Faye was unaware of this and instead started to flirt with new boy Sam Jackson.

Faye ended up recoupling with Sam, but Teddy returned holding Faye's cuddly dog.

Photo credit: ©ITV Plc - ITV
Photo credit: ©ITV Plc - ITV

After a frosty atmosphere, Teddy sleeping on the pull out bed and Faye hopping in with Sam, things changed pretty quickly.

Faye and Teddy headed up to the terrace to have a chat about what went down with the whole postcard debacle. Teddy said it was just a game and Faye admitted she was in the wrong for flying off of the handle. Teddy then let slip that he was jealous at the thought of her kissing someone else, clearly upset still that she had recouped with Sam, but then things took a turn for the better.

They both leant in for a big snog, and fans were overjoyed.

The kiss sparked joy among viewers, with many taking to Twitter to discuss the love story between Faye and Teddy. One fan wrote "Teddy and Faye to win, this is a true love story." while another penned "YAY FAYE AND TEDDY this is the reunion I wanted to see."

The reaction was quite something and honestly, we're obsessed too.

Aw! We're so happy they're back on.

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