Love Island fans are going wild over the babies challenge

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Photo credit: Love Island - ITV
Photo credit: Love Island - ITV

With less than one week to go until the Love Island finale, things are starting to get serious in the villa, which means it's time for one thing - yep, you guessed it, the baby challenge!

A fan favourite, the challenge sees the Islanders look after a fake baby while trying to stop it from crying and as Chloe and Faye will tell you, the struggle is REAL.

After each couple were paired up with their newborn, they prepared for a day of changing diapers and naturally, all the girls looked terrified, while the lads sweetly gushed over their new bundle. Talk about role reversal!

While settling into their new roles as parents, which was pretty hilarious to watch, the paternal instincts or lack thereof started to kick in.

Photo credit: Love Island - ITV
Photo credit: Love Island - ITV

While Faye ran away from Teddy and baby #Feddy saying, "I don’t want the f**king baby please don’t give it to me, I don’t want it," later hilariously commenting, "my baby is a p**ck," before dropping baby #Feddy out of the pram.

Chloe wasn't much better off, telling Toby, "I don’t want to be a mum to your son anymore," to which Tobs replied to baby #Choby, "I know you don’t like her but you’re going to have to," before accidentally dropping the baby on its head.

While Mary dubbed herself the 'Virgin Mary' for not having graduated and being a new mum, Liberty and Jake played happy families taking a #Jiberty selfie with their wee one, before Jake called himself "the best dad in the world".

Photo credit: Love Island - ITV
Photo credit: Love Island - ITV

Millie and Liam looked like they were settling into their new roles well, as Liam started brainstorming baby names, while Kaz struggled to look after both her and Chloe's little ones, with Chloe's baby's arm hilariously falling off during a nap by the pool.

But hands down the most iconic quote of the night goes to Faye, who said, "Dad will be home soon and you can go back to soft love". Ahhhh classic Faye.

However, the boys got off easy going on a lads trip to the golf course, while the girls were left to do all the work, before coming back to save the new mums from their nightmare of a time, which Millie described as "traumatising".

Naturally, Twitter went *wild* over the challenge, which has been one of the funniest episodes to date and the memes and tweets haven't stopped pouring in:

Not going to argue over that last Tweet about Teddy being a hit in mummy and me classes. Hey, we'd sign up even without a baby (don't judge).

The season finale of Love Island airs Monday August 23.

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