Love Island fans ‘work out’ Nicole’s game plan and slam her for spilling major secret

Love Island fans aren’t not impressed with Nicole Samuel as they witnessed her spilling Ciaran Davies' secrets to the rest of the girls.

The 21-year-old previously admitted to having slept with 120 women, which didn’t go down well with Nicole, who is a self-proclaimed overthinker. She also branded his confession ‘disgusting’.

Nicole then proceeded to tell the rest of the girls about his antics, which didn’t go down well with fans on X, formerly known as Twitter, as some claimed she was doing it just for screen time.

"Is Nicole just doing stuff to get screen time why are you spreading his business?” questioned one.

Nicole devil suit
Nicole stunned in the heart rate challenge but Ciaran's pulse was racing for another Islander -Credit:ITV Love Island

Another said: “Nicole why are you telling all the girls Ciaran's body count when he told you that in private??? Shame on her for that because if it was the other way round, it would be a madness!!!”

Some fans were even left hoping that Ciaran would choose to come back with another girl when the infamous Casa Amor segment airs: “Don’t fight me since yall like to tussle but I hope Ciaran comes back with someone in casa… someone preferably not Nicole,” wrote one.

“I feel after the body count drama, this challenge will push Nicole over the edge if Ciaran’s heart rises for someone else.”

However, others were quick to stick up for the accounts manager as a fifth penned: “It’s on national television."

One fan commented: "You can tell she didn't want to say it in the beginning but the girls kept asking questions and pushing her.”

The pair have been dubbed the ‘golden couple’ of the show, as neither have given into temptation just yet.

Ciaran and Ronnie laughing
Ciaran said he thought he was 'in love' with Nicole after her dance -Credit:ITV/Love Island

Nicole was asked on a date with new bombshell Konnor when he first arrived, although she quickly shut it down, claiming she was happy in her couple.

However, it’s not the first time the Welsh couple have had a ‘lovers tiff’ as Nicole recently got upset during a game the boys played in which they had to ‘ignore’ Nicole. Ciaran also took part which again didn’t go down well with her, however, it looked like the two kissed and made up despite Ciaran sleeping outside on the daybed.

Now, it looks like the couple have gone to ‘new heights’ in the relationship as Ciaran told the boys he ‘thinks he’s in love’ with his partner after she showed off her dance moves in a skimpy devil outfit during the famous heart rate challenge in Tuesday night’s episode.

However, things may go back down south as Ciaran's heart rate was raised the most by Grace Jackson, leaving Nicole fuming.