Love Island fans are all making the same hilarious demand in response to the talent show

Last night's Love Island *finally* brought us the episode we've all been waiting for: the annual Love Island talent show, of course.

Viewers had long been calling for the contest to reappear for 2022, after previous years saw some truly legendary Islander performances (hello, Millie's piano playing). And this season's lineup did not disappoint. Fans were naturally obsessed with the whole thing, with many now making the same hilarious demand following the show.

Just in case you need a recap (like it's not already etched in your mind forever), Monday night's episode saw Davide showing off his cooking skills, Ekin-Su delivering a bizarre pageant-style speech, and Andrew basically just doing his job as an estate agent with some added humour thrown in.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Then there were the musical performances, with Gemma and Paige performing as a duo, while Dami rapped and Luca went full Troy Bolton with his High School Musical tribute.

Still, two other Islanders officially stole the show. That's Indiyah trying (and failing) to play the recorder, while Tasha bizarrely opted to perform a rendition of Pitch Perfect/Anna Kendrick's viral 2012 'Cup Song'. Yep, I thought we'd left this in the 2010s too.

While the rest of the Islanders were all kinds of supportive, the episode saw Tasha and Indiyah both on board with the fact that their performances were maybe not some of their best work (thanks to Tasha actually dropping her cup).

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

In response, fans have been busy making the same hilarious demand - calling for Tasha, Indiyah and 2021 winner Millie Court to form the ultimate Love Island band. Honestly, I can picture it now.

One fan tweeted, "The perfect musical trio: Millie on the piano, Indiyah on the recorder, and Tasha on the cups and vocals."

Another added, "I need Millie, Indiyah, Tasha and Luca to start a band right away. Suggestion for the name: The Bleeding Ears." A third chimed in, "Can’t wait for the Millie, Tasha and Indiyah supergroup," while a fourth wrote, "Millie, Tasha and Indiyah to drop a single."

Need this ASAP.

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