Love Island fans just spotted an awkward moment between Faye and Clarisse

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

It's been a busy old week on Love Island, with the aftermath of Casa Amor continuing to cause tension in the villa. 

The main upsets after Casa Amor included Liam Reardon being unfaithful to Millie Court; Faye Winter choosing not to recouple with Teddy Soares; and Tyler Cruickshank recoupling with Clarisse Juliette instead of Kaz Kamwi. 

Much to Love Island fans' delight, Teddy and Faye have since recoupled. It looks like Millie and Liam are also on the path to reconciliation – although fans are torn over whether or not this is a good idea. As for the Tyler/Clarisse/Kaz love triangle? Your guess is as good as ours. 

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Some fans also think there's been a divide between the main villa girls (Faye, Chloe, Millie, Abigail, Kaz, and Liberty) and the Casa Amor girls (Mary, Clarisse, and Amy), with one viewer tweeting, "The divide between casa amor girls and the main villa is SHOCKING," while another added, "I've never seen such a divide between the casa girls and villa girls."

In last night's episode, many viewers spotted this awkward moment between Faye and Clarisse, which some fans think is proof that the divide is very real.

A TikTok, posted by @loveisland202i, shows the moment when Faye and Clarisse are straightening their hair, and Tyler says to Clarisse, "Come find me downstairs when you're ready, yeah?"

Clearly unimpressed, Clarisse appears to try and share a look with Faye. And errr, Faye doesn't seem keen to reciprocate. *Cue awkward silence*

The silence may have only lasted seconds, but Twitter was quick to point out the sheer discomfort of the situation, with one person tweeting, "NAAAAAH Clarisse wanted a girl’s moment with her and Faye basically said “nope, I ain’t your mate”," while another wrote, "Clarisse looking at Faye for a reaction but her ignoring it HAHAHA."

This is how the rest of Twitter reacted:

Ah well, maybe Faye and Clarisse were just enjoying a moment of peace? 

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