Love Island fans say exact same thing over Danica and Billy moment

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We're midway through July and, by now, things have been seriously heating up in the world of Love Island. Not only are there fire memes (what else would you expect?), there have been surprise reunions between exes, shock returns of past cast members and even sudden exits. So, yeah, lots of drama.

Tonight's episode seemed to be no exception as Love Islanders dealt with the aftermaths of a hugely controversial game of Snog, Marry, Pie. Danica and Billy in particular seemed to be at the centre of the night's activity after Billy pied Danica during the challenge, despite being in a couple with her. Much to her disappointment, he chose to kiss Gemma and marry Paige.

Speaking to Summer, Danica looked visibly upset and began to cry while discussing the challenge. Expressing her sense of rejection, she said; "I'm like why? Why don't I deserve that? I don't understand."

Things quickly went further downhill after Danica was made aware that Billy had spoke to other male Islanders to say that the "salon was opened." This is Love Island code for sexual intimacy and was a sign that Billy had shared details of their intimate activity without her knowledge or consent. In response to this news, the two contestants had a conversation addressing what Billy perceived as their lack of "spark" and parted ways.

However, after speaking to the girls in the villa, Danica was encouraged to confront Billy about the way he had treated her and call him out for a lack of respect and going behind her back. While Billy was confused about Danica's reaction, she revealed that having time to think about the situation had "opened my eyes to see how much of a pushover I have been” and spoke about how he had been "punching" above his league while in a couple with her and accused him of being a "boy" and not a man.

On Twitter, fans have been quick to congratulate Danica for standing her ground and calling out this behaviour with users celebrating her comebacks to Billy's treatment. One user called her a "queen" while another wrote "YES YES YES".

We can only hope that things start to look up for Danica soon...

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