Love Island fans don't know what to think about Hugo Hammond's rapping on TikTok

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

It's fair to say that Hugo Hammond has been pretty busy since leaving the Love Island villa in 2021. From calling out fellow Islanders for talking about him in the press to creating a hilarious profile on Hinge, you can't deny that Hugo has brought *all* the entertainment.

Avid Hugo fans will know that he's also on TikTok, where he regularly posts vids reflecting on his time in the villa, as well as cute clips with his dog, and now, his rapping. You've got to admire him.

Participating in the "Open Verse Challenge", aka the TikTok trend which sees users creating their own rap to duet with another user (who uses a wooden spoon as a mic), Hugo launched into a rap about his time on Love Island.

He started, "2022, looking back on 21, started teaching, lots of learning, it was kind of fun. Then she left me, I was feeling all alone so I signed up to that villa application on my phone."

He continued, "Hit the gym, something came, Mr H flew out to Spain. But then the summer of love turned into the summer of pain. Got the job done, flew back single, I was the same. But when I meet girls, do they want me or just the name?"

Sadly, some fans were less than impressed, causing Hugo to turn off the comments for the video. However, he did upload another TikTok, calling out some fans for their negative reactions, while reassuring others that he reads the positive comments too.

He captioned it, "For no reason at alllllllll 💀 if you don’t laugh you will cry 🤣 Don’t worry guys, I read all the love too."

One fan commented, "People comment for a reason & if it’s negative it’s usually jealousy✨," while another wrote, "he doesn’t deserve hate he was so nice on LI."

One person took a swipe at his lyrics, commenting, "then mr H flew out to Spain 🇪🇸🤝," to which Hugo replied, "Must be catchy if you can recite the lyrics 😘."

Never change, Hugo.

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