Love Island fans concerned after one boy goes 'missing' from villa

Love Island viewers were left scratching their heads during Friday's episode (June 7) as they noticed one islander seemed to be "missing" from the villa.

The latest instalment of the popular dating show was filled with drama, particularly between Harriet Blackmore - who put rumours to bed that allegedly had a boyfriend on the outside and Ciaran Davies, but fans couldn't help but notice that Munveer Jabbal, who is close pals with Piers Morgan's son Spencer, was conspicuously absent.

Concerned viewers took to social media to voice their worries, with one asking: "Where is Munveer?" Another chimed in: "Pls. Is Munveer going to get any screen time ? ?"

A third commented: "All Munveer has brought to the villa is his face card... I haven't even seen his face onscreen once this episode?"

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Munveer was seemingly missing from tonight's show as fans ask of his whereabouts -Credit:Ian Hippolyte/ITV/Love Island/REX/Shutterstock

One fan even questioned if he was still part of the show, saying: "Is Munveer still in there? I really liked him on day one but where's he been since then?"

Meanwhile, another viewer speculated: "Is Munveer missing? ? ? ? like are they keeping him in a secret room he's not in any of the shots."

Fans also suggested that Munveer should start making moves, particularly with Mimii, who he is currently partnered with. Despite previously expressing an interest in Ayo, viewers are hoping for a spark between Munveer and Mimii.

As the recoupling loomed, fans urged the pair to give it a go, with one writing: "Munveer and Mimii this a sign to locate each other please."

Another added: "Does Munveer know he's on #loveisland? Mimii needs to be friends with him again cause if Uma picks Ayo, I need my girl to be safe."

One fan gushed, "Munveer and Mimii need to get together or something because why are they the only two not grafting?"

Meanwhile, Munveer has made it clear that he's all about keeping it respectful on the show. The 29 year old heartthrob told reporters, "I'm going to be very respectful.... Obviously representing the South Asian community, that goes against everything we stand for. So, I'm going to be keeping it PG for sure."

Fans also noticed a spark between Munveer and Patsy Field.

Patsy was dared to suck the fingers of two lads she fancied, and Munveer was one of her choices. Viewers are convinced Patsy's actions signalled her interest in Munveer, suggesting he might be on her romantic radar.

The speculation doesn't end there; viewers also sense that Munveer might reciprocate Patsy's feelings. Social media is alight with excitement, with one fan exclaiming on X: "YEEEEESSSSSS PATSY AND MUNVEER."