Love Island fans can't stop talking about Zara / Olivia shade

Another day, another drama in the Winter Love Island villa. Last night's episode saw tears, shock arrivals, and enough shade to sit under.

First things first, let's take a look at the most talked-about moment of the night: Olivia and Zara's Tom-related clash.

Fans have been obsessed with the history between Olivia and Zara, after a little detective work led viewers to be believe that the two islanders previously knew each other. After Zara chose to pair up with Olivia's (now ex) partner Tom in the recent recoupling, Olivia decided to clear the air.

As she approached the new couple, Olivia told Zara: "I feel tension. I feel like you've come in here and come for me a bit. Just hear me out, with the comment made that I'm two-faced and now going for the guy I'm coupled up with and then saying 'He's made his feelings very clear with me."

Zara then interjected, "That's how I feel though. That is truly how I feel."

love island fans can't stop talking about zara olivia shade

"He's more into you than me?" Olivia countered. Zara then went on to theorise that Olivia's more reserved personality had maybe led Tom to believe that she wasn't interested, which drove him into her arms.

Later, in the confessional beach hut, Zara told the camera: "Liv kind of came for me thinking I was coming for her. I think from me picking Tom, and not only that but taking him away from her. No one is in a married couple but I think she needs to know his head is more towards me right now."

love island fans can't stop talking about zara olivia shade

But this chat wasn't the end of things for Olivia, who later ranted about her feelings of being "mugged off" to the others. And in the preview for the next episode, it's clear that this drama is only going to escalate between the two, as we see clips of Zara and Olivia coming to blows yet again.

"You think I flew eleven hours from England to piss you off?" Zara tells Olivia. "Get over yourself, Liv."

Of course, viewers were hooked on last night's turn of events, taking to socials to express their shocked and hilarious reactions, particularly towards the preview for tonight's episode.

It's not the first time that the two islanders have been at the crux of villa tensions. During a challenge in an earlier episode, Zara was instructed to kiss the contestant who she thought to be the most "two-faced", which led her to planting a kiss on the cheek of, you guessed it, Olivia.

But this wasn't all that viewers were left shocked by in last night's antics. The current islanders were also subjected to a pool party subterfuge, in which two brand-spanking new (and Aussie!) islanders were revealed.

Looks like these new additions might just prove to stir a little extra drama in the villa too, with new boy Aaron announcing: "I thought we should really get the party started, what do you reckon?" and bombshell Jessie told the boys: "You guys are all so fit, what the hell?"

Maybe Jessie will prove to be the long-awaited other half to fan favourite Will.

Last night also saw Lana having to deal with the aftermath of losing Ron in the recoupling to Tanyel as she watched the two frolic in bed together at the end of the night.

Thankfully, Will was there to keep her company...

With the Olivia-Zara feud only getting more tense and the potential for the new islanders to shake up the villa, we'll definitely be counting down the hours 'till tonight's instalment!

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