Love Island fans can't get over bizarre food moment

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How do you like your pizza? Is your fave a classic margherita? Or would you rather a cheeky Dominos? On last night's Love Island, pizza became a surprisingly hot topic among the contestants in the villa - and even the biggest Italian cuisine fans probably wouldn't be taking this as seriously as two women from the island.

This week, we know way more about Love Islander's fave foods than we might have expected, with former contestant Jay Younger revealing that sometimes takeaways are delivered to the villa. "I had a Chinese and a McDonald's in there, that was fun," Jay revealed this week. "I wouldn't usually eat a Chinese or a McDonald's on the outside as well, so... There's a lot of food in there, so if you need anything, you can get it."

On Friday night (22 July) there was also a big reveal about the Love Islanders' foodie faves, thanks to 27-year-old actress Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu and 23-year-old content creator Nathalia Campos. Amid growing tension due to bombshell Nathalia's decision to pursue Ekin-Su's partner Davide Sanclimenti, the two women got into a seriously heated disagreement about *drum roll please* pizza toppings.

Yep, you read that right. Making small talk in the villa, Ekin-Su asked Nathalia about her favourite foods, enquiring if she liked pizza. Nathalia responded to say; "Italian pizzas are the best - not the ones with the pineapple." Then Ekin-Su replied to say that she and Davide did like pineapple on pizza, something Davide quickly denied.

Viewers at home had a thing or two to say about Davide's decision to reject Ekin-Su's claims, with many individuals on Twitter saying he should have backed her up in public and presented a united front, then discuss the claim with her later in private. Others were quick to weigh in with their own thoughts on pineapple on pizza, sharing their distaste for the topping.

Don't know about you but with all this talk of pizza, I'm getting kind of peckish...

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