Love Island fans can't deal with the pain of seeing Luke M single again

Abigail Malbon
Photo credit: ITV

From Cosmopolitan

  • It's looking likely that Love Island's Luke M might be left single again after Demi said she's interested in new boy Jamie.
  • The internet is heartbroken for the islander.

Some things in life are true mysteries, like the Loch Ness monster, or Love Island's Luke M being disregarded again and again by the women in the villa. Despite him being funny, handsome and a genuinely nice guy, Luke just can't seem to catch a break - and just when we thought he might end up with Demi, she's been showing interest in new boy Jamie.

Tuesday night's episode saw the new bombshell walk in, and while he seems very lovely, we can't help but wish there was no spark between him and Demi. And clearly we're not the only ones, since Luke spent most of the episode being pretty devastated about the whole thing. Which is understandable, considering he's been dumped by Jess and Natalia previously.

The internet is entirely baffled by how this beautiful man is still single, and tbh we're right there with them.

But, if anything good has come from this, it's the adorable friendship between Luke M, Luke T and Siannise. Love to see it.

Look, producers; I know we don't have long left now, but can we please send someone perfect in for Luke? Please?!

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