Love Island fans cannot get over this epic Danica and Jamie moment

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We're coming to the end of July, which means one thing: we're close to the end of Love Island, too. Yep, we've got until Monday to soak up the vibes in the villa before our fave band of islanders depart our screens for good (unless they make an unexpected comeback later down the line, like Adam Collard did this season). What will we do with an extra hour every evening? Who knows, but the rest of our summer will be less drama-fuelled, that's for sure.

The thing we'll miss most about Love Island 2022? The Twitter reactions, ofc. And today (27 July) the Twittersphere did not disappoint. One memeable moment that particularly seemed to capture viewers attentions this evening? Danica Taylor's spectacular exit from the villa.

At the beginning of this evening's episode, the six remaining couples were gathered in front of the fire pit, prepared for one couple to be dumped from the island following a public vote. The three vulnerable couples were Indiya Polack and Dami Hope, Adam Collard and Paige Thorne and Danica Taylor and Jamie Allen, with the last pairing being the ones ultimately voted off the island.

The islanders were clearly sad to see Danica leave but wished her well and the show left her story on a hopeful note after she spoke of her pairing with Jamie and explained that; "I'm walking out of here with someone I think I've got quite a good connection with."

After this sweet moment, Danica really left her mark when she walked out of the villa with Jamie. The 21-year-old dancer has made her choreography skills no secret during her time on the series (she recently displayed her moves during the island's talent show) and she took her exit as a chance to make a lasting impression.

Dancing seductively during departure, she left Jamie to carry both his and her suitcases in a move that had the Love Island girls commenting that it was the best exit they had ever seen on the show and Twitter definitely seemed to agree. One Twitter user commented "Not Jamie carrying both suitcases whilst Danica twerks" and another wrote "Danica eating up her EXIT" – so it's clear she still has plenty people rooting for her.

Check out the best Twitter responses to Danica's theatrical departure below.

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