Love Island fans are calling Kaz out as a 'hypocrite' for Matthew / Tyler situation

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Love Island fans have got a lot of opinions about Kaz Kamwi. While she's no doubt many viewers' favourite Islander, others are questioning her latest actions around Matthew Macnabb and Tyler Cruickshank.

Kaz and Tyler were coupled up in the main villa, before he headed to Casa Amor for the 'lads trip'. After a picture of him in bed with Clarisse Juliette made its way onto the post card and back to Kaz at the main villa, she decided to couple up with Matthew.

Since the Casa Amor recoupling, all four contestants are now in the main villa. And not only have Kaz and Tyler discussed where it went wrong for them, but they've also left the door open for each other to potentially get back together.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Kaz has also pulled Matthew for a chat and asked why he'd stopped cuddling her in bed, despite her telling Tyler he was "trying to have his cake and eat it" by still getting to know Clarisse Juliette.

Some fans have criticised the 26-year-old fashion blogger for being annoyed with Matthew for not giving her enough affection, while also attempting to get back on track with at Tyler.

One person wrote, "Sorry but Kaz is being a hypocrite. She wants BOTH Tyler and Matthew to only be focused on her but wants to explore the two options? That’s very muggy! #LoveIsland"

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Another added, "Double standards. She doesn't like it when Tyler treats her like that but she’s doing the same thing with Matt" and "Kaz and Tyler are both hypocrites / They want to get to know both the others but don’t want that done to themselves."

We believe in you, Kaz!

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