Love Island fans are all asking the same question about last night’s heated episode

Last night's episode of Winter Love Island 2023 was a little...explosive.

Initially, we would have assumed that the villa's latest talking point would have come from some couple-related drama, or perhaps even some more of farmer boy Will's questionable dancing skills. But it turns out the biggest jaw-on-the-floor moment came from a heated exchange between Haris Namani and Shaq Muhammad. (Come on guys, it's Love Island, not fight island.)

Viewer's reactions to this unexpected conflict ranged from shocked, amused, but mostly just, well, all-round confusion.

It's left a lot of fans with the same question: So...what happened, exactly?

Well, it all started with a not-so-innocent beer pong challenge, in which after the Islanders downed a cup, they were made to complete a dare. When newcomer David was dared to kiss the islander he fancied most, he decided to go for Tanya (Shaq's current beau).

Later, when the lads and ladies separated themselves for an evening debrief, Haris asked David what he thought the kiss had been like. This irritated Shaq, who pointedly told Haris: "You're so annoying bro. You do this all the time bro, like, relax."

When Haris immediately responded with telling Shaq to "shut the f**k up", Shaq responded by telling Haris that he "does this all the time" and "you just try and f**king stir".

It's here that things escalated, to the shock of both the girls, who heard the exchange from the other end of the villa, and the viewers at home.

While Haris and Shaq continued to throw insults at each other and rising from their seats, the other boys were quick to separate the two and remove them both from the argument. The girls watched on, confused and horrified, which accumulated in Tanya deadpanning: "There's nothing we can do...they're boys."

The fight came after another wild challenge earlier on in the episode, in which Tanya was instructed in a separate challenge to kiss three of the boys who she thought were the best kissers. At this, she shockingly decided to plant one on Tom, Ron, and Kai.

It's still unclear as to what exactly sparked the confrontation but either way, the dramatic turn certainly gave viewers something to talk about.

Here's hoping it's smoother sailing for the islanders from now on!

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