Love Island fans are already making a meme out of this hilarious moment

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Love Island is officially providing all the LOLs this year - from Davide's iconic one-liners to Ekin-Su's hidden hilarious joke. And it seems there are more laughs where all that came from, with viewers losing it over one new meme-able moment.

What's more, there's a striking resemblance to a similar situation with a previous Islander, and fans can't stop laughing.

Let's recap: Thursday night's episode [14th July] saw Tasha setting up a sweet set of clues, leading Andrew to the fire pit before asking him to be her boyfriend. Among all the movement, Tasha headed to the kitchen to hide as she watched Andrew follow her clues around the villa. Her choice of hiding place? Err, behind the kitchen bin.

Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Fans of course haven't stop creasing over the moment, turning the snap into a meme in just a matter of hours, and the reactions are nothing short of hilarious.

Here's a reminder of the questionable hiding spot:

"PLEASEEE TASHA SQUATTED BY THE BIN IS SENDING ME," tweeted one viewer, while another added, "NOT TASHA HIDING BEHIND THE BIN #LoveIsland. This has to be a meme."

Others were quick to compare Tasha's bin-hiding moment to a similar move from a previous Islander. Anyone remember Molly-Mae hiding behind the plant pot? More came forward with Kim Kardashian peeping out from behind the bushes compassions - and it's all very hilarious.

We're reading for more 2022 Love Island memes ASAP, thanks.

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