Love Island fans accuse Harriet of 'Year 8 drama' as she breaks down in tears: 'It's only been three days!'

Harriet Love Island
-Credit: (Image: ITV)

Love Island fans have accused Harriett of creating 'Year 8 drama' after she broke down in tears when her current partner Ciaran asked Nicole to go to the Hideaway with him for a chat.

Harriett and Ciaran were coupled up on day one of the show when the latest series kicked off, and they've spent the past few days getting to know each other, with Ciaran confirming to Harriet that he's interested in her.

But she was left shocked on Wednesday's episode of the show when he pulled Nicole for a chat as they headed off to the Hideaway.

She fumed about the situation, before running off to the bedroom in tears, closely followed by Samantha. Realising what had happened, Nicole, then burst into tears herself with the other girls as she insisted she hadn't done anything wrong in speaking to Ciaran.

Harriett and Samantha
Harriett was comforted by Samantha in the bedroom after breaking down in tears -Credit:ITV

Show fans flocked to Twitter to comment on the situation, as one wrote: "WTH is going on? Why are they all crying? #loveIsland," whilst a second said: "this is giving year 8 drama #loveisland".

Another person wrote: "nah i dont like this hariett #loveIsland, as a fourth fumed: "Harriett gives me the vibes that she thinks she’s the main character and if she doesn’t get attention from everyone, she’ll sulk #LoveIsland".

Despite being the one to comfort Harriett when she was crying, the next day Samantha was left in shock as Harriet informed her of her intention to pull Joey Essex - with whom Samantha is currently in a couple - for a chat in the Hideaway, as revenge for Ciaran's actions.

Ciaran Love Ialnd
Ciaran later confronted Harriett after she took Joey Essex to the Hideaway -Credit:ITV
Harriet Love Island
Harriet tried to play it cool with Ciaran -Credit:ITV

Samantha okayed the chat, but told Harriett: "Don't be petty," before later telling the other Islanders she was "jealous", as Joey and Harriet took off.

Later Ciaran and Harriett cleared the air, as he accused her of taking Joey to the Hideaway as "revenge" which he called "weird". In the Beach Hut, he said that she needed to "grow up".

Meanwhile, Samantha got her own back on Harriett, as she informed Joey that Harriett had picked him to go to the Hideaway with her to get revenge on Ciaran.

The girls later sat down for a chat as they sorted things out, grabbing a hug and saying: "Love you."

A brand new bombshell entered the villa at the end of Wednesday night's show, in the form of model and VIP host Uma Jammeh, who is 23 years old.

She strode in and planted a kiss on each of the five blindfolded guys, before whispering to Joey Essex "I'll see you later", as she then proceeded to take Ayo to The Hideaway, leaving his current partner Mimii visibly upset.