Love Island couple on the rocks after heated argument over sneaky Hideaway kiss

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Love Island's Jess White was absolutely livid when she discovered that her beau Ronnie Vint, with whom she's been paired up, shared a kiss with her villa rival Harriett during a sneaky Hideaway session.

The 27 year old footie player found himself in a pickle after side-lining Jess to explore a spark with Harriett in Monday night's show. Despite the other islanders reassuring Jess that Ronnie wouldn't go all the way with Harriett, reality hit hard when the duo emerged from the Hideaway, trying to downplay their cosy moment.

Jess didn't beat around the bush and confronted Ronnie straight away. She exploded at him, demanding: "Did you just kiss her? " Jess's fury escalated as she grilled him: "Who pulled who for the Hideaway then, you? Are you actually taking the p**s.

"What did I have a conversation with you the other day. And if you do, come and warn me before you go and do something like that."

This drama unfolded after Ronnie had already kissed Harriett during a dare, leaving Jess utterly shocked, reports the Mirror. Clearly still reeling from Ronnie's betrayal, she vented: "Invited her in there - cheap. She's f***g cheap and all."

Yet, it seems Ronnie failed to grasp the full impact of his actions, as he suggested that he was keen to explore connections with both Jess and Harriett, believing a kiss shouldn't complicate matters. This prompted Jess to confront him once more about his behaviour, expressing her frustration: "You've just made me look like an idiot and I don't think you've got a f***g backbone. I don't think you're honest about what you actually want."

Harriett, on the other hand, had her eyes firmly set on Ronnie and sought advice from Joey Essex, torn between her desire for Ronnie and not wanting to hurt Jess. Joey advised her to go with her heart, cautioning that someone in the love triangle would inevitably be wounded.

Ronnie and Harriett snuck off for a smooch
Jess wasn't happy when she learnt that Ronnie had kissed Harriett in the Hideaway

Jess, however, had already closed the chapter on Ronnie, declaring to her friends her preference for a man over a boy and labeling the duo "desperate." When Harriett attempted to clear the air with Jess, her efforts were quickly rebuffed.

Harriet explained: " I didn't know that was going to happen." But Jess wasn't ready to accept any excuses, pointing out to Harriett that the kiss with Ronnie was a choice. Harriett tried to clarify: " We were going to speak to you straight away. I didn't mean together, I meant I was going to speak to you, that's what I was going to do. But I am sorry Jess."

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