How do Love Island contestants pay their bills at home while on the show?

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Photo credit: ITV
Photo credit: ITV

Love Island 2022 has already got us asking a whole bunch of questions, from who will win this year's series, to what's going to happen between Gemma and Jacques, and when will we finally be heading to Casa Amor?

And on top of that, one thing we're always dying to know the answer to is exactly what it's like to be a Love Island contestant behind the scenes.

Past Islanders have previously shed some light on just what happens when you take part in the show, including the re-coupling not shown on TV and how much cast members get paid.

Now, 2019 contestant Amy Hart has opened up about how Love Island participants pay their rent and bills at home while on the show. We'll be honest, it's not something we'd ever properly considered before, but Amy's answer actually makes a whole lot of sense.

Amy took to TikTok to answer a series of fan questions, with one follower asking, "What happens to your job whilst you're in the villa? Are you told to quit your job or tell them the truth? Also, who pays bills... phone bill and rent?"

The former air hostess then explained how it all works, responding in a video: "So, I had to leave my job."

She went on to address bills, saying, "You get like a little [subsidy] while you're in there. I think it's £500 for the first week, and then £250 for every week after that, just to pay your bills." Amy added, "I was quite lucky, I lived at home at the time so it wasn't an issue. But for people that it was an issue, that was what happened."

Have a watch of her full explanation here:


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