Love Island addresses woman who claims contestant stole her daughter’s bag at Sainsbury’s

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Andrew Le Page clarified he was in Dubai at the time Carol’s daughter’s bag was stolen  (ITV)
Andrew Le Page clarified he was in Dubai at the time Carol’s daughter’s bag was stolen (ITV)

Love Island has teased that it will incorporate a hilarious exchange over one of the contestants of the upcoming series into the show’s challenges.

The ITV dating reality show has fans abuzz as it prepares to return to television screens next week – but one woman appears convinced that new contestant Andrew Le Page resembles a man who she says stole her daughter’s handbag in a Sainsbury’s store in Bristol.

The woman, who goes by Carol McGee on Twitter, replied to Love Island’s announcement about Le Page’s entry in the villa this year and said: “He looks like the man who stole my daughter’s handbag in Sainsbury’s.

“Can you confirm please if he was in Bristol Sainsbury’s on 12 March, Love Island.”

McGee doubled down after another Twitter user said Le Page’s “face looks familiar” and wondered if they had “seen him somewhere before”.

The dedicated mother replied: “Yes, Bristol Sainsbury’s.”

However, a second user did some sleuthing on McGee’s behalf and said: “Sorry to be the bearer of bad news Carol but Andrew was in Dubai on 12 March, so it seems your perpetrator is still at large.”

McGee thanked him but appeared unconvinced, adding: “Are you sure?”

The exchange went viral as many were tickled by McGee’s conviction that Le Page had been in the same Sainsbury’s store in Bristol when her daughter unfortunately had her handbag stolen.

One person wrote: “Carol is literally everyone’s auntie at this point, she’s clearly over 40, worked hard in life and will take absolutely no s***…”

Another pitched an idea for a TV show featuring McGee and said: “We need a detective show that’s just Carol and her dog Kiki, solving crimes exclusively through Twitter in the hopes it’ll one day bring Carol’s daughter’s muggers to justice…”

Love Island’s 2019 winner Amber Rose Gill tweeted: “Get Carol on the show! Now! First challenge: Did you steal my daughter’s handbag?”

The official Twitter account for the show replied with a note-taking emoji and said: “Speak to challenge team.”

Le Page himself found McGee’s viral tweets amusing, as he shared memes created by Twitter fans related to her accusations on his Instagram Stories.

However, his representative clarified in a statement: “In all seriousness, we can confirm that Andrew was in Dubai on 12 March when Carol’s daughter’s bag was stolen – we hope you find the perpetrator soon Carol.”

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